Assertiveness & Self Confidence by AGILE ACADEMY

Assertiveness & Self Confidence

Assertiveness is an interpersonal skill in which you demonstrate the healthy confidence to stand up for yourself while still respecting the rights of others. When you are assertive, you are neither passive nor aggressive, but direct and honest.
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What's included?

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Module One: Getting Started
Welcome to Assertiveness And Self-Confidence
1 min
Module Two: What Does Self-Confidence Mean To You?
Meaning of Self Confidence
1 min
What is Assertiveness
105 KB
What is Self-Confidence
76.7 KB
The Four Styles
Module Three: Obstacles to Our Goals
Obstacles to Our Goals
1 min
Types of Negative Thinking
141 KB
Case Study
151 KB
Personal Application
86.7 KB
Module Four: Communication Skills
Communication Skills
1 min
Listening and Hearing; They Aren’t the Same Thing
76.8 KB
Asking Questions
60.7 KB
Body Language.jpg
111 KB
Module Five: The Importance of Goal Setting
The Importance of Goal Setting
1 min
Why Goal Setting is Important
74.3 KB
Setting SMART Goals
81.9 KB
Our Challenge to You
183 KB
Module Six: Feeling the Part
Feeling the Part
1 min
Identifying Your Worth
116 KB
Creating Positive Self-Talk
122 KB
Module Seven: Looking the Part
Looking the Part
1 min
The Importance of Appearance
86.2 KB
The Role of Body Language
95.7 KB
First Impressions Count
131 KB
Module Eight: Sounding the Part
Sounding the Part
1 min
It’s How You Say It
70.2 KB
Sounding Confident
65 KB
Using “I” Messages
85.8 KB
Module Nine: Powerful Presentations
Powerful Presentations
1 min
What to Do When You’re on the Spot
144 KB
Using STAR to Make Your Case.jpg
94.7 KB
Module Ten: Coping Techniques
Coping Techniques
1 min
Building Rapport.jpg
71.6 KB
Expressing Disagreement
71.4 KB
Coming to Consensus
175 KB
Module Eleven: Dealing with Difficult Behaviour
Dealing with Difficult Behaviour
1 min
Dealing with Difficult Situations
99.9 KB