Frequently Asked Questions

How does Agile Academy work?

Our mission is to improve lives through learning. AGILE ACADEMY provides a collaborative approach to learning, networking & mentoring.  You can take a wide range of courses include: business & entrepreneurship, programming, academics, and much more! 

Is there a welcome discount or coupon code that I can enjoy

Yes, how approach is to make learning friendly and affordable.
The coupon code is WELCOME, (20% discount). It can be used for all purchases.
To add a code,
click on "Have a coupon?", then enter the code and click apply before making a payment. See snap shot below
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Why are the prices in pounds?

The tool payment gateway currently can not directly process payments in Naira. 
If you have an issue with payment, kindly send a text message to 08061107627 for us to enrol you manually.

Can I pay without using my debit card?

Yes, but you will have to pay into our Nigerian bank at the prevailing pounds to Naira rate.

What happens if someone pays for a full year but cancels at some point before that year? Do they get any sort of prorated refund?

If a member cancels before the end of their yearly subscription, they will not be issued a refund for their remaining time. This is an industry standard, as the member is typically getting a better deal for signing up for a year upfront.

Are members sent reminders before they are auto-renewed in the monthly or yearly billing?

Per industry standard, Members get an email notification after the payment is processed, and are not sent a reminder before their monthly or yearly bill is processed.  

Do I have to start my course at a certain time? And how long do I have to complete it?

There are no deadlines to begin or complete the course. Even after you complete the course you will continue to have access to it, provided that your account’s in good standing.

How you can partner with us

Kindly CLICK HERE to access the required information and steps

How does my page looks like?

When you click login at the top right and enter your information. Click your dashboard to show all products and your settings etc. See snap shot below
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How can I access my paid and free courses

Login to your account and click on your dashboard
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How can I join a live webinar

We schedule live Q & A webinar for specialised courses and monthly networking sessions for members of Exceed Your Best.
An invite is sent to your email that shows you steps to take to join the webinar.
Note all webinars are recorded and can be access subject to terms. 

How does networking and mentoring works?

We believe Collaboration is the future. Thus we created a membership platform for networking & mentoring. We organise monthly live webinars to network based on professional interests and also assign everyone to mentoring groups.

Can I download the course materials

You have access to download documents within the course you have access to. Simply click Download File.
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How do I access my Certificate of Completion

Each course or specialised workshop provided via a live webinar provides attendees with a Certificate of Completion at a fee. This is received when you successfully complete the final assignment. 

What is the helpline contact details

We created the platform to be self serviced but if you need support, we have below three ways you can reach us.
1. You can send a text message to +234 080 61107627
2. You can send us an email to
3. You can click the chart icon below on the right and chat with us