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Leadership & Influence

To be truly effective – in good times and in times of great challenge – leaders must master the ability to influence others. Effective leaders don't just command; they inspire, persuade, and encourage
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What's included?

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Welcome To This Course
Welcome to the Leadership & Influence
1 min
Course Objectives
Module Two: The Evolution of Leadership
The Evolution of Leadership
1 min
Defining Leadership
82.6 KB
Characteristics of a Leader
Leadership Principles
Module Two: The Evolution of Leadership: Quiz
Module Three: Situational Leadership
Situational Leadership
1 min
Situational Leadership: Telling
Situational Leadership: Selling
Situational Leadership: Participating
Situational Leadership: Delegating
Module Three: Situational Leadership: Quiz
Module Four: A Personal Inventory
An Introduction to Kouzes and Posner
1 min
An Introduction to Kouzes and Posner
84.3 KB
A Personal Inventory
52.2 KB
Creating an Action Plan
124 KB
Module Four: A Personal Inventory: Quiz
Module Five: Modelling the Way
Modelling the Way
1 min
Determining Your Way
78.9 KB
Being an Inspirational Role Model
64.2 KB
Influencing Others’ Perspectives
93.8 KB
Module Five: Modelling the Way: Quiz
Module Six: Inspiring a Shared Vision
Inspiring a Shared Vision
1 min
Choosing Your Vision
78.4 KB
Communicating Your Vision
82.1 KB
Identifying the Benefit for Others
93.2 KB
Module Six: Inspiring a Shared Vision: Quiz
Module Seven: Challenging the Process
Challenging the Process
1 min
Think Outside the Box
67.1 KB
Developing Your Inner Innovator
80.6 KB
Seeing Room for Improvement
106 KB
Lobbying for Change
84.9 KB
Module Seven: Challenging the Process : Quiz
Module Eight: Enabling Others to Act
Enabling Others to Act
1 min
Encouraging Growth in Others
74.4 KB
Creating Mutual Respect
75.4 KB
The Importance of Trust
102 KB
Module Eight: Enabling Others to Act: Quiz
Module Nine: Encouraging the Heart
Encouraging the Heart
1 min
Sharing Rewards
77 KB
Celebrating Accomplishments
66.6 KB
Making Celebration Part of Your Culture
81.8 KB
Module Nine: Encouraging the Heart: Quiz
Module Ten: Basic Influencing Skills
Basic Influencing Skills
1 min
The Art of Persuasion
The Principles of Influence
Creating an Impact
Module Ten: Basic Influencing Skills: Quiz
Module Eleven: Setting Goals
Setting Goals
1 min
Setting SMART Goals
Creating a Long-Term Plan
Creating a Support System
Module Eleven: Setting Goals: Quiz